Thai Herbal Compress - Add On


Thai Herbal Compress - Add On


Herb hot pack includes more than dozen of very expensive Chinese Herb, such as Angelica, Heracleum, chuanxiong, safflower, etc.

The main Effect of the hot compress treatment of Chinese Herb medicine

  • upgrade body temperature
  • blood vessel dilation
  • improve blood circulation
  • facilitate metabolism
  • alleviate pain
  • dissipate damp
  • Sooth your nerve system
  • relieve fatigue of eyes
  • alleviate headache

Which is very beneficial to the people who are:

  • sedentary (office people who have neck pain, should pain, lower back pain, upper back pain)
  • overmuch use eyes
  • athlete ( muscle strain---knee, shoulder)
  • suffering arthritis, cervical spondylosis
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